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 This blog is not professional medical advice nor is it a substitute for consulting your doctor.  This is a list of what Treatments that have been prescribed to COLE by HIS doctors.  Do not do any treatments with out your doctors approval first.

-Need an affordable epilepsy helmet? Read post on: Helmets for Epilepsy.

-Kirkman, Spectrum Complete Multi-Vitamin (read my post about this vitamin: here)
-Vitamin D Kid's drops: helps to stabilize his mood...especially during the winter.
-Milled Flaxseed: high in Omega's!!! (read my post about it: here)

 -Ketogenic Diet (Jan 2010-Jan 2011)
This is the only treatment (prior to surgery) that remotely worked for Cole.  He went from 150+ seizures/day to about 15 small head drops.  Cole was not on any seizure meds while on the diet. During this time, he did not need to wear his helmet because his seizures were so small.  Although his seizures decreased significantly, it was not good enough.  His EEG while only having 15 seizures a day looked the same as when he had 150+ seizures  a day.  Click here to learn more: Ketogenic Diet ...and of course, talk to your doctor.

-Keppra (Jan 2011-Current)
This is the first line of drug Cole tried...we didn't notice any adverse reaction except "Keppra Rage"!!!  That is why we HAD to get him off of it.  It didn't make his seizures worse or better.

-Toppamax  Sprinkles (March 2011-April 2011)
Cole only took this for 1 month because his seizures became worse and he developed "Absent Seizures" while taking this medication. 

-Zonegran (April 2011-June 2011)
This medication didn't make a difference on his seizures...we didn't see any adverse reactions while Cole was taking this.

-Vigabatrin (June 2011-October 2011)
Cole didn't have any change with seizures while on this medication.  It was weaned one month after his surgery.

-Lobectomy/Brain Surgery (September 1, 2011)
Cole had his Left Temporal & Occipital Lobes removed (and a small piece of Parietal Lobe). Because of Cole's AMAZING surgeon, Dr. William Bingaman, Cole has begun to get his life back!!!  We haven't seen any seizures since the surgery...and we keep praying & thanking our Heavenly Father everyday!

-Lamictal (March 2012)
 Cole was on Keppra before and after surgery...however, he can't tolerate Keppra anymore (because of rage issues).  We are switching him to Lamictal...even though he is doing very well since his surgery...he will NEED to be on an anti-convolsant until he has been seizure free for 2 years.  If he continues to do well then we can talk about weaning his medication (so he can be medication free) in September 2013 which will be 2 years from his surgery date!

UPDATE (May 2012):
Cole did not have a good reaction to lamictal...he started having "head nod" seizures after he started taking this medication (we aren't 100% sure if he is having seizures because of this we are currently weaning him off of hopes that his seizures will stop).

UPDATE (JUNE 2012): 
Took about 3-4 weeks for Lamictal to get out of his system.  We then added l-Carnoisine (06.12.12) 100mg daily...he's doing much better & making good sounds "nonono", "hiiiiii"

UPDATE (January 2013):
Cole is still on Keppra, but had HORRIBLE keppra rage...we added a small dose of B-Complex & a high dose of B-6 (50mg in am & 50mg in pm) per his neurologist.  A week after his arms & legs went numb...which is a side effect from too much B-6...we stopped that & added a small dose with B-Complex.

UPDATE (April 2016):
see post HERE. Off of Keppra and back on Lamictal.

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