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Cole has done AMAZING in the Giant Steps program. I posted a video so you can see for your self. In June 2013 (about 6 months ago) Cole would ONLY sit for about 5-10 seconds. His teacher, at the end of the year told me that she didn't "push him" because she didn't want him to freak out & get mad. I totally understand how she felt. But, it did not help Cole in any way. He started the Giant Steps program in July and I noticed 4 weeks later how much he had changed. He would sit in a chair until we said he could get up. We can actually sit through most of church now (if he's in a decent's a hit and miss)...of course he is super loud and sqeels and makes noises...but no one seems bothered by it, thank goodness! A year ago, we couldn't even walk into the church building without him going CRAZY...throwing his self on the ground, headbanging the floors/walls/us etc. screaming at the top of his lungs, ripping our hair out & scratching us. Needless to say, we would leave. I remember I was about 5 months pregnant and he was FLIPPING OUT!!! I was by my self & I had to hoyst him up over my shoulder & keep his legs from kicking my stomach/ was not a pretty sight! But every week we kept trying. Soon, we found ourselfs inside the door, then we finally made it to the couch in the foyer & now, we can sit in the VERY BACK of the chapel. Cole also has 2 assistants at church who just LOVE him to pieces...they got through that HARD TRANSITION with him & have been able to let their hair down (instead of having it in a bun so he doesn't rip their hair out) & wearing jewelry. They have been able to take him to class where Cole can now sit through most of class! Anyways, here is a video of Cole...right when I say "Cole, get ready" he IMMEDIATELY puts his hands down, in his lap & looks at me in my eyes...ready to work! He EVEN did it without a "reinforcer".

And here is another...but Daddy was at school for the 1st time and we were trying to get Cole to point to him as his "reinforcer"!  He was too excited to work.



We were walking around the mall today & a special needs 14ish yr old boy saw a beautiful blonde 14ish yr old girl...he excitedly waved to her & said "hi". She waved back (just as excited as he was) & went up to give him a hug. The dad of the special needs boy asked the girl if she knew him, she said "no" & the dad said..."oh, only tonight you do!". I thought this was too sweet not to share. I'm SURE that beautiful girl made both the son & dad SO HAPPY tonight! ...there are some good people in this world....some who will never what an impact they have made in someone's life...even if it's something as simple as a hug & smile. I was so happy to have witnessed that, what a tender mercy and God Bless both of them!


Ahhh! I don't know why it's so hard to do a blog post now days. I wish it was as easy as Facebook! I'm going to do a bunch in a get ready for a lot of updates!

When Cole "accidentally" gets hurt (& by accident, I mean he purposefully hits his head on something so he can get sympathy) he comes to tell me & says "owe" & points to it. Then I have to say "are you ok?" & kiss it better. I think we are on the 20th time in a row!