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Well, our bathroom is FINALLY done...right before the arrival of the baby!  ...we won't talk about how long it's been.  Actually, for the "RECORD"'s been a year since we started on this bad boy.  And when I mean "we"...I mean my husband.  2 of the most asked questions we have gotten this year..."how are you feeling" & "is your bathroom done".  We can cross one off the list...and hopefully the other this week (2 days is my due date!).  I'm in LOVE with my new bathroom...and let me tell you...when you don't use an area or room the whole time you've lived in your house...and then get to use it ONE YEAR AFTER, it feels like your house grew!  The new bathroom is ALL MINE!  My husband is so nice, he decided to stay in the old bathroom with Cole (which needs to be worked on next year because of a few minor issues...but it's nothing like what we found in our master bathroom! so it can & will have to wait). PROPS TO MY HANDY HUSBAND...who did ALL of the work! Luckily he worked for a Fire, Mold & Flood Company a few years he knew EXACTLY what to do to make make sure we wouldn't have a Mold Issue again! ....and I was the "designer"!

Here are the BEFORE pictures:
(our MOLD infested bathroom...the culprit...that handicapped seat!!!)

There were *TWO* Layers of flooring...and *TWO* Layers of MOLD under that flooring!
(can you see the flooring buckling?)

 The Lovely Brass & Wood Trim!

*THIS* was under the cabinet!!!!  YUCK. 

Gutting Process:

EVERYTHING got the "boot"...all the way down to the basement ceiling!

 ...out the window!

 There were MANY MANY trips to Home Depot & Lowes.
(look how cute he is...that was when he used to suck his thumb!)

....and MANY MANY MORE trips to Home Depot.
(all 3 of us felt like this)...DONE!!!
I can't even tell you how many different tiles for the floor & shower that we returned...along with vanity tops, sinks, wrong parts etc. etc. etc.

 (hubby added an awesome LED pot light above the tub!)

Tile Flooring: Home Depot.
(looks like hardwood)

Custom Built in Shelving: My handy man!
Baskets: Michaels (BOGO Free).
Bamboo Roman Shades: Lowes (custom cut).

Light Fixture: Costco $19.
Mirror: Frame $2 from Yard Sale (spray painted metallic) 
& Custom Mirror cut to fit $25 from Joans Paint & Glass.

 Paint Colors:
WALL COLOR- Benjamin Moore's Halo
TRIM- Benjamin Moore's Base White

The shower curtain was the ONLY thing we kept from the bathroom! 

 Deep Soaking Tub: Lowes. 
This tub was a STEAL!!!  We got it on Black Friday last year...20% off
 PLUS a FREE deep soaker overflow ($88 value)

***we went with a "normal sized tub" that is deep to soak in, WITHOUT JETS because Jets are trouble for mold & leaking...we didn't want a "repeat" of mold issues
...just something to think about if you are replacing your tub!***

Dual Flushing Toilet: Costco $88
(GREAT DEAL for a dual flushing toilet!!!)

Subway Tile: Home Depot
Mosaic Tile: Home Depot
White Grout: Home Depot

Chrome Faucet: Lowes
Granite Top & Vanity: McCoy's
(yes, my husband can make custom cabinets
...but we were SO done with this bathroom
...we just bought one instead!)
 Towel Bar Kit: Costco $19

And there you have it!  That is how this BEAUTY came to life...with all of my husbands hard work & sweat!'s CRAZY how fast EVERYTHING adds up...I'm not sure how much we ended up spending and we even tried to keep the cost low (out of nessessity) but the cost not listed adds up A LOT like:
-new floor boards
-sheet rock
-paint/painting supplies
-new electrical
-new light plates
-new plumbing 

BUT, THANKFULLY we didn't have to pay for the labor or it would have costs THOUSANDS of dollars more!  ...Cole was so sweet to help out his daddy!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!! It looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful! What an improvement!

  3. Love the pseudo-hardwood floor tiles! And that metallic frame goes well with the color of the wall paint and tiles. So how much did the whole bathroom project cost you?