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Cole has been learning new things like CRAZY!!!  I don't know if it is the ABA Therapy...but that's all that has changed.  He had a HUGE learning spike right after his brain surgery & then plateaued.  Speaking of ABA Therapy...I never posted that he got into a 2nd Summer Program...he was going Monday & Wednesday 9-12pm & Tuesday & Thursday 9-3:30pm.  YES, it was glorious for him and I!!!  That's a total of 19 hours of ABA for him.  During the school year, he was only going a total of 11 hours and it wasn't ABA, just regular preschool for special needs & neuro-typical kids as "model students".  Anyways...I was on Cloud 9 when they called and told me he was accepted...I didn't even know it was an option. That same summer program will be the same place he goes to this fall.  After this school year, there isn't any options as far as ABA Therapy...unless we can pay for it out of pocket.  Insurance doesn't cover it...if we had an ABA Therapist come to the house and train people who want to volunteer to do it (with out pay), it's about $700/month.  If we want to pay therapist to do it's about $2,000/month!  We obviously don't have money to do either...and it's a shame that no schools provide ABA or insurance to help pay for it.  I can't say that the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy has really helped him...and ALL of those would add up to the cost of ABA so why can't they just cover ABA so we can do things that actually help him!  UHHH, I try not to get frustrated...and try to just be grateful he gets to do a full year of ABA Therapy.

Anyways, here's a few things Cole has learned from June-August:

 Opened his door ALL BY HIS SELF! 
(it's good for him, but we are in trouble now!)

Watches the TV! 
(he will ONLY watch Baby Signing Time...and of course I had the whole set for him & sold it a few months back because he NEVER watched anything.  I kept one, and now it's ALL he will watch).  I never thought I would be so excited for my child to "learn" to watch TV!  It's kinda nice that I have something to calm him down with after a long day at Therapy.

Using his "Pointer Finger"...again!
(yes, he's already learned this, but he forgets things & they don't always, he learned how to again!!!)

Wiping his face!

This was just too cute not to post...he's obsessed with he's taking a shower outside.
...and getting a drink.
(don't mind our dead grass...we have other things (Cole) to take care of then grass!)

Holding 3 balls at once!  He really wanted to hold all of them...and he kept dropping was cool to see his little mind figure out how he was going to hold all 3, so he sat down and tucked them into his arm.

Creepily peeking on daddy under the door.
This is actually a GREAT thing that he learned...because it shows he knows daddy is still "here" and not "gone forever" just because he can't see him.

I just love this photo...he's laying on me!
...and this one because he is so peaceful & napping!!!

Daddy opened gummi worms and hid them by his leg...Cole LITERALLY sniffed them out & found them!  He doesn't know you can eat them...but he kept wanting to SMELL the bag.

As I said earlier, Cole won't watch anything but baby signing time.
But apparently I was wrong.  We were watching America's Got Talent, these cute little girls were doing their dance routine and Cole ran to the TV and his eyes were glued for the whole dance!  He even CLAPPED FOR THEM after it was over!!!!  It was hilarious.  He's defiantly a BOY.

Getting brave and "exploring" the slide.

And my sweet hubby made Taco Salad for dinner after a long day at work.

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