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It's 2am & guess who's up...surprisingly NOT Cole this time!  My back has been hurting since I was 8 weeks along & has obviously gotten worse...AND my allergies  are TERRIBLE!!! which makes it impossible to breath at night. So, no baby is here yet...but still no sleep around here.

In one of my last post, I talked about finding a pre-school program for the summer.  There was only 1 through our local Early Intervention Program here which was 2days a week/2 hr a's for special needs/autistic kids so the cost was a little pricey at $500 but obviously they need more people there to watch them.  They also had an ABA Therapy Program 2days a week/3hrs a day for $700, which seems like a lot as well...BUT, for ABA it's actually pretty cheap because it's a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio.  I've heard great things about ABA but really hadn't looked into it.  Because they do 10 min of "group play therapy",  then 15 min of "1 on 1 applied behavior" and rotate it back and forth with 5 different teachers for the 3 hrs, I decided to go with that, as it seemed better for Cole.  He's gone 3 times so far...and he's doing really well.  They are working on "hands down-feet down" right now.  I honestly wasn't so sure this would be a "positive" thing because he doesn't take bribes etc. but he's doing WAY better then I thought he would.  He loves the "play therapy room" especially the swing and ball pit!

Yesterday, I went to the orientation for the preschool he will be going to in the fall...which ALSO does ABA.  I learned more about ABA...for example, when you say "sit down" to neuro-typical child, they know what you mean.  For kids like Cole, they don't understand...and NEED step by step instructions to sit down...not just "sit" but be fully engaged so they can they teach them by a 40 STEP PROCESS!!!! YES, 40.  They do it over and over again.  Which makes total sense of how Cole learns.

It gets extremely over-whelming finding help & staying positive & hoping that your child can learn things, but when they just aren't picking up simple things like "sit down", you think to your self that there is just no way that they will learn...but after I learned more about ABA, it makes sense.  I'm blown away by the person/people who have come up with this "newer therapy" because they are stepping out of the box & have put A LOT of time, energy & effort into figuring out how these kids learn...which gives me hope that WE CAN DO THIS & someone believes in my child!


  1. I am so glad that there are programs like this available where we live. We truly are blessed. I am so happy that Cole is doing so well. I can't wait to see how he does in the fall. It's crazy to think that our brains are as complex as they are. Something like "sit down" seems so simple, but breaking it down into 40 steps really shows just how complex we are. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I had kidney pain with Coop and it was horrible. I totally understand. Hang in there! Let me know if you need anything.

  2. I've been researching a new protocol for our little guy...and it addresses Seizures, SIB's, etc. I thought I would pass along the information. The books is called, "Healing the symptoms known as Autism" by Kerri Rivera.