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It's 2am & guess who's up...surprisingly NOT Cole this time!  My back has been hurting since I was 8 weeks along & has obviously gotten worse...AND my allergies  are TERRIBLE!!! which makes it impossible to breath at night. So, no baby is here yet...but still no sleep around here.

In one of my last post, I talked about finding a pre-school program for the summer.  There was only 1 through our local Early Intervention Program here which was 2days a week/2 hr a's for special needs/autistic kids so the cost was a little pricey at $500 but obviously they need more people there to watch them.  They also had an ABA Therapy Program 2days a week/3hrs a day for $700, which seems like a lot as well...BUT, for ABA it's actually pretty cheap because it's a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio.  I've heard great things about ABA but really hadn't looked into it.  Because they do 10 min of "group play therapy",  then 15 min of "1 on 1 applied behavior" and rotate it back and forth with 5 different teachers for the 3 hrs, I decided to go with that, as it seemed better for Cole.  He's gone 3 times so far...and he's doing really well.  They are working on "hands down-feet down" right now.  I honestly wasn't so sure this would be a "positive" thing because he doesn't take bribes etc. but he's doing WAY better then I thought he would.  He loves the "play therapy room" especially the swing and ball pit!

Yesterday, I went to the orientation for the preschool he will be going to in the fall...which ALSO does ABA.  I learned more about ABA...for example, when you say "sit down" to neuro-typical child, they know what you mean.  For kids like Cole, they don't understand...and NEED step by step instructions to sit down...not just "sit" but be fully engaged so they can they teach them by a 40 STEP PROCESS!!!! YES, 40.  They do it over and over again.  Which makes total sense of how Cole learns.

It gets extremely over-whelming finding help & staying positive & hoping that your child can learn things, but when they just aren't picking up simple things like "sit down", you think to your self that there is just no way that they will learn...but after I learned more about ABA, it makes sense.  I'm blown away by the person/people who have come up with this "newer therapy" because they are stepping out of the box & have put A LOT of time, energy & effort into figuring out how these kids learn...which gives me hope that WE CAN DO THIS & someone believes in my child!



Oh, this kid cracks me many challenges that come with a child like Cole, I can't imagine my life with out him. He does the funniest things (to most of the world, it might seem bizarre, but it brings a HUGE smile to my face & that's all that matters). Cole has slipped Daddy's shoes on 3 different times now & it's hilarious. One of the times I said "Hey! You have Daddy's shoes on", and he kept babbling "DayDa, DayDa", DayDa"...I'm not quite sure he associates them with Daddy but it's SO CUTE!

Daddy gave Cole a summer hair cut finally! I love his hair gets a little crazy looking when it's even semi-long.

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments, I don't always publish them, but I DO read them & I just wanted to thank you for your kind words & praying for this little girl and our family...we appreciate it so much & I love reading your comments.  I went in for my "Perinatology Ultra Sound" and WOW, they are  A LOT LONGER then normal ultra-sounds...they look at everything.  So far, everything looks great...BUT, like the dr reminded us...and as we know all to well, that baby's brains need to form and harden so it's hard to tell if something is not developed.  That is why Cole seemed healthy  until he was 10 months old when his brain was hardening and using those lobes.  Anyways, I guess we just wait it out and see what happens until she's about 1 year old...that's a long time away!  We had to go through Cole's Medical History with the Perinatologist and he was amazing.  He was also SHOCKED at what we had gone through with Cole's Neurologist here before we found the Cleveland Clinic and how they handled things...Not that it changes anything for us, but it's nice to have that support.



My AWESOME friend let us use her time share so we were able to go on a MUCH needed vacation!  This was our first real vacation in years!!!  I don't think trips to Cleveland/Hospital count...although we did get A LOT of travel experience in.

We hit 200,000 miles on our civic on the way to California.
Cole LOVED fries SO much that he started grabbing them out of the cup & feeding his self.
We went to Laguna Beach!
Cole was in LOVE with the beach.
He's got an obsession with light/sun and does weird "stimming" things with his fingers...I'm curious to know what he sees!
This was his first time to the beach (after surgery) and he was OBSESSED!!!  He loved the water and would NOT get out for hours.  It was so much fun to see him experience the ocean & water for the "first time".
My FAVORITE...Sprinkles Cupcakes.  By far, the most DELICIOUS cupcakes on the planet!!!  I pretty much plan any vacation around this place (if it's close!).
Sprinkles Cupcakes: Cinnamon Sugar (my new fave) & Key Lime.  They didn't have Strawberry :(
We took Cole to Sea World. They have Elmo's World with a bunch of little kid rides.  Cole LOVED the rides SO much that he would have the BIGGEST MELT DOWN after EVERY RIDE!!!  So we only went on about 5...waiting in line while he's freaking out was not fun, the second he would get on...he was ALL SMILES!  I got kicked off the ride for being Prego :(
The Aquarium.
Daddy went on a ride.
Mommy & Cole.
Star Fish area.
Dolphin Encounter.
Elmo's World!!!
Front Row.
Blocking Cole from getting SPLASHED!!!
Watching Elmo!!! (late at night)
Cole wouldn't go to sleep and kept waking up so he bunked with us.
Cole & Daddy.
Sand!!!!  He played with it for hours.
He rolled in it...
Dumped it on his head...
& laid down in it!
I honestly didn't think he would like the beach as much as he did.  He seriously stayed in the water and played in the sand for hours...he was SO content & happy!!!  One day...when we are rich, i want to move or get a beach house for our Beach Boy! reality...that will prob never happen :(
Entertainment for the car ride home...having the windows down.  He likes the wind hitting his hands and face.
I'm glad Cole's idea of a vacation consists of a water, sun & the beach...just like mommy's!
Thanks Katie for making this AWESOME trip happen & letting us use your time share!