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I had to take Clomid (fertility medication) to get pregnant with Cole.  We always wanted another child, but honestly, it was more then what we could handle...and I think it will still be more then we can handle...but we're still excited!  This time around, we decided that taking clomid was NOT an option (we didn't want to have multiples!) to our surprise, we are expecting!

I had my 1st apt at 8 weeks.  The dr was SO understanding, he & the nurse both apologized for everything we had gone through with Cole.  They are watching this baby very closely.  Because Cole had a Birth Defect where his brain didn't form all the way, I have to take HUGE amounts of Folic Acid.  We will be doing genetic testing at 16 weeks...which I don't know if I'm ready for.  Then a different/more in depth ultra sound at 18-20 weeks.  They did an ultra sound at 8 weeks which showed the heart beat & showed that baby is growing "on time".  This week, we got to hear the heart beat again...which was a RELIEF!!!  Both of us thought maybe I had miscarried....not for any reason other then we are PARANOID.  And...I'm NOT feeling good at ALL.  I wasn't this sick with Cole...but the dr said being nauseous is actually a good sign.

It's like we're having a child for the first time. I can hardly remember being pregnant & I certainly don't remember how to care for a baby....I feel like I never got to enjoy having a baby because we were too busy playing "Mystery Diagnosis" and  in & out of the hospital etc.  So hopefully we will get to enjoy it a little more this time around.  It's weird to thing this baby will be out of diapers & talking before Cole....and out of a crib before him too! 


COLE'S STORY (Epilepsy Awareness Day).

In honor of Epilepsy Awareness Day, I'm posting "Cole's Video Story" that I made.  Most people don't know how catastrophic & life changing epilepsy can be to a child's future & changing families lives OVERNIGHT....FOREVER (like it did ours).   Before going through this experience of our own child, the word Epilepsy meant nothing to me.  Now, when I hear that word, I think of TERROR, HORROR, HOSPITALS, BRAIN SURGERY, LOOSING MY CHILD, FIGHTING FOR MY CHILD'S LIFE & honestly that word makes me sick to my stomach, a perfect discription would be "Hell on Earth".  I wish that I could be naive to that word...but that would mean that I wouldn't the the person I am today.  My child is my hero & he's been through A LOT in his short life....because of that word.

Support the video & pass it on...there JUST may be another family looking for answers, fighting for their child's life because doctors gave up on them or just support.  Because of this blog, we were able to find help for Cole AND 8 other children who live close to us have gone to Cleveland after hearing Cole's Story...they too have found more answers & help. 



Cole found a piece of cake on the table & smelled it.  He knows what smells good...he kept smelling the cake for 3 hours!!!  He NEVER figured out that he could eat it though.

We took Cole to the movies for the *FIRST TIME* didn't go over so well, we didn't even make to the beginning of the movie.  He got in trouble for being in the isle & wouldn't stay in his seat, so we had to leave...wasted money!  He did enjoy the popcorn though!

Cole's *FIRST TIME* playing with balloons AND noticing them!!!  He played with them for hours.   It's SO much fun watching his "first".  This is great "therapy play" also.

Cole's 2 "obsessions" right now:  
Cut up Apples & hanging out in the car (when it's parked in the garage) because he gets to stand up.  
He thought this was WAY more fun then being at McDonald's play place...ya, that didn't go over so was MELT DOWN CENTRAL!!!  He has a hard time when it's loud & chaotic.   He did throw someone else's socks into another family's food while we were there...yes, RIGHT ON TOP.  Luckily it was just the dad sitting there & he seemed to not be bothered by it...thank goodness!!! I was so embarrassed!

There was a FREE showing of Peter Pan Ballet Production for families affected by Autism.  I was really nervous to take him after the fun we had at the movies.  But, since it was free, I thought we try it out.  He did AMAZING!!!  We went in when it was dark & he sat on Daddy's lap the entire time.  He watched half of the time & enjoyed the music.  Needless to say we were SHOCKED!!!!  This is the longest period of time he's EVER sat through anything!!!!