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HAPPY 2013!

Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried the "blogger ap"? I would love to post pics from my phone & so far, the only way that works is through that ap...but it had bad reviews so I just thought I'd see if it's even possible.

Anyways, remember how Cole started having "S's"...we had to up his med again... And you know what happens...he is phycotic!  I feel bad because I can see it in his eyes that it's NOT him. The other day he picked up his "baby Einstein toy" that he normally started playing music & the lights were flashing & his eyes looked like a Crazed Animal with Rabis...I kid you not!  He picked up the toy as fast as he could FLIPPED OUT & threw it across the room a few times...he threw it at the wall & made a loud noise (of course! Cuz that's the law of physics) & it snapped him out of it...and he cried like he was in pain.  This poor little guy can't catch a break...I wish I could see & feel things he does so I can help him.

I ran to the store & picked up a bottle of B-6 vitamins...(which is suppose to help w/keppra rage) we have tried it before, but I went with a different brand & higher dose...100mg (50mg in am & 50 in pm).  It's been a few days since he's been on it & I DON'T want to jinx my self...but I did venture out with him to the store (which most of you know WE never take him out on our own...EVER! ...beacause someone has to cater to his needs or he LOOSES it)...however today, he was such a good boy, he even hoped out of his stroller to dance a bit...but HAD TO HOLD MY HAND. Not because I wanted him to, because he has an interesting anxiety about being in a new place and has  both hasnds clenched around ours or around our leg. If I take a step, he gets nervouse, and shuffles his feet closer to me & squeezes as tight as he can around my leg. I don't really know what it means, it's cute, but I feel bad that he is so scared...BUT glad that he is being brave a getting out of his stroller. Every time I give him the b-6...I LITERALLY PRAY over & over to bless it that it will help with the Keppra side effects & help him to be happy.

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  1. i use the blogger app...all the time. sometimes i draft the post and come back to my computer to edit a little more...but sometimes not. sorry for the major run on sentence:)