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Last week we celebrated Cole's one year anniversary of his surgery. Ya, I am still if I don't post anything "bad" then you'll have a good idea of how Cole is doing ;) I can't believe it's been one year since his surgery, I remember the day of his surgery and the MANY MANY weeks after wondering what it would be like when we finally hit the one year mark. We are INCREDIBLY happy with the results and how far Cole has come. I am not going to lie (because as a parent, you ALWAYS want just "a little more" for your child) and I was hopping maybe he would be talking. I know, that's silly of me to be thinking...but like I said, you always "want more". If Cole DID NOT have Infantile Spasms/West Syndrome (which is a seizure type that causes children to become Mentally Handicapped) and *IF* he ONLY had any other seizure, then the Infantile Spasms he would most likely be starting to talk and making leaps and bounds. Since he did have Infantile Spasms, He *IS* making leaps and bounds. Infantile Spasms have a very poor prognosis even if you stop the seizures...most of the children who had/have them can't even hold their heads up, walk or sit up. So, for Cole...he is making HIS goals. I have so much gratitude for the Lord and I feel like my family has been incredibly blessed IN EVERY WAY. He ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS answers my prayers and with out Cole and this crazy life that we've been blessed with, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I know what is important and I know where my priorities need to be. I love the Savior, I love my family and I love my life even though it is SO HARD MOST DAYS EVERY DAY!  You know that saying "God doesn't give you what you can handle, but helps you get through what you've been given"'s true, he KNOWS me, he KNOWS Cole and he KNOWS my husband.  When we ask for help, he is there to help us...but we have to ask for it!  The power of prayer is an AMAZING gift from the Lord, so if you need help/comfort/love etc. just ask ;)   Anyways, here's what this little guy has  been up to:

This little boy has a new found *love* for blankets, they calm him down...yay for mommy & daddy that we found something to comfort him:

First time seeing (or rather "noticing") a puddle...he's trying to figure out what it is:

Figured out it's water!!!  ...he LOVES water:
drum roll......
he learned to take "bites of food"...instead of us ripping pieces off for him and putting it in his mouth.  The simple pleasures of life NEVER go UN-noticed around our house!  ...he also learned to take sips of water from a regular cup (with assistance).

Learned to turn off the lights.  It's SO cute, he gets on his tippy toes, turns off the light, runs away and laughs.


  1. Yay! I can't believe how big Cole is getting! I was just thinking about him the other day. I can't believe it has been one year! He is doing amazing things and has amazing parents helping him get there!

  2. BIG HUGS to Cole!! I hope you took the opportunity to stomp, kick, and splash in the puddle with that precious, precious boy!!

  3. Hooray for Cole! Every one of those new things he can do is a triumph for all of you.