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For Cole's 2nd Birthday, I did the Itsey Bitsey Spider theme...too bad I already did that theme...because he is TOTALLY obsessed with the Itsey Bitsey Spider now! He LOVES it when we sing it to him & help him do the actions...I can feel his wrists turn as we help him make the "spider go up" and then he will do the actions for "down came the rain". It is so stinking cute! ...after the song, he looks at us, claps & smiles. I may just have to do another nursery ryhme for his 4th Birthday this year (uhh, can't believe how old he is getting).  He likes "Rock-a-bye Baby" & "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star too. But, those aren't as "boyish" as the Spider!

 Look how much he has grown since then.
(He's 2 years old in this pic... and kinda chubby cuz he was on the Ketogenic Diet).
We still see a few a day, he is being weaned from Lamictal (new med) and will be OFF of it in a week...we've weaned it very slow as to not aggravate the S's.  He is at the full dose of Keppra still...and we are about to BREAK!  The Keppra Rage is coming back full force and we are already exhausted & in BAD MOODS!  He is back to pulling hair, scratching  our face up, biting, hitting his head with his fist, pounding his head on tile and sharp corners etc.  A lot of people say their child is like that because of the "terrible 2's" but I assure you that this is NOT it and the drs do know that it is from the Keppra.  So, back into his crib he goes...about 20 times a day!  If you've experienced Keppra Rage with your know it is VERY VERY different then just a crabby child going through a "stage".


  1. Love the Birthday Party Theme! Adorable!!!

    Keppra Rage! I'm so sorry...I actually just talked to one of Levi's doctors on Friday...he was telling me they are pairing Keppra with another medication in a study and having great results with no rage...he is sending me the Paper...I'll forward it on. Maybe it would be a possibility for you guys. We are actually getting ready to start weaning Levi from the Lamicatal...even though his mood is great on it...he seizures are unfortunately increasing.

  2. Hi there,
    I found your blog today when I was searching for some info on our sons condition. It is always so encouraging to hear other peoples journey. Our son Josiah is 2 years old, has a very rare neurological condition called unilateral hydrocephalus, which has severely damaged the left side of his brain. How interesting it was to find someone with a similar situation. Josiah had his first seizure at 4.5 months old, it was a partial seizure that lasted over an hour and a half before the doctors in the ER could get it stopped. He was started on Phenobarbital, and that controlled his seizures (apart from a few breakthrough seizures) until his first birthday. He began to have atonic seizures, and they started hard. He averaged 90-150 daily. Since then, 3 other types of seizures have surfaced including absence seizures. We have been to two hospitals, are followed at our local children's hospital, and are on the waiting list for Canada's best childrens hospital We are also on the waiting list for the Ketogenic diet. Our faith has been the foundation of our journey with Josiah, and seeing you have the ability to rely on God through everything you have encountered is so encouraging. We will pray for your son daily. I also have a blog we created for Josiahs Journey, and if you feel like it, you can have a look.
    God Bless

    Jeremiah 29:11 " 'For I know the plans I have for you' declares the Lord. 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'".