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Well, Cole made it through his first year of preschool...he has 2 more years of preschool (because of his birthday) which will be great for him.  This year his "big" accomplishment was mainly "sitting" for longer periods of time (I think it's up to 3 min)!  I made a bunch of "thank you" gifts for his teachers....14 to be exact....there are quite a few  teachers in these special kids lives...Cole has 2 preschool teachers, 2 aids, 2 speech therapists, 2 physical therapists, 2 occupational therapists, 1 vision specialist, 1 bus driver, 1 assistant bus driver (who Cole loves, she helps him wave bye and he holds on to her for dear life while on the bus) and 1 amazing babysitter.  ALL of these people contribute to Cole's success and EVERY ONE of them are amazing!  Here are a few pictures from preschool:

One of the boys from the high school came to help out on St. Patrick's Day & he dressed up as a Leprechaun...ALL of the kids were scared of him...except for Cole.  He LOVED him and was laughing at him & kept kissing him!

Look, he's actually looking & smiling!

He MADE the Fireman hold him...his teachers told me he wants to be a fireman :)

They all took turns holding him since he's SO HEAVY!

Recess...his FAVE!!!

His teachers made Super Hero capes w/their names!

They FINALLY got this $1200 special needs hammock...they wished they got it sooner because it calms Cole down immediately.  When school starts back up in Aug, the hammock will go in what ever class he is in...I don't know who needs it more...Cole or the teachers!

His teachers & aids.

Cole's Speech Therapist (Miss Aubrey).

His teachers tell me Cole is "the best dressed in class".  I think so too...thanks to mommy's work!

Doing an Art, he didn't do that by his self...they do "hand over hand" with him.

Valentines Day! treats.

Easter Egg Hunt.

Playing "Tee-Ball".

Therapy w/the ipad.

...and a cute picture that his class-mate, Austin drew for Cole...sweet huh!
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So this super cool guy named Kyle Bingham is training to climb Mt. Everest.  He has 5 climbs to do before he climbs Mt. Everest.  His *first* climb is Mt. Rainer & GUESS WHAT!?!  
He is dedicating this climb to COLE! 
Check it out here: 

This climb will be: *6 days *14,411 feet *26 glaciers
(May 27- June 2)
Help us support Kyle in his first "Everest Endeavor" climb and watch him LIVE!!!

Kyle, we feel VERY honored that you are dedicating this climb to Cole.  We will be supporting you and cheering you on through this climb & of course watching it live!  Good Luck will do GREAT!



For Cole's 2nd Birthday, I did the Itsey Bitsey Spider theme...too bad I already did that theme...because he is TOTALLY obsessed with the Itsey Bitsey Spider now! He LOVES it when we sing it to him & help him do the actions...I can feel his wrists turn as we help him make the "spider go up" and then he will do the actions for "down came the rain". It is so stinking cute! ...after the song, he looks at us, claps & smiles. I may just have to do another nursery ryhme for his 4th Birthday this year (uhh, can't believe how old he is getting).  He likes "Rock-a-bye Baby" & "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star too. But, those aren't as "boyish" as the Spider!

 Look how much he has grown since then.
(He's 2 years old in this pic... and kinda chubby cuz he was on the Ketogenic Diet).
We still see a few a day, he is being weaned from Lamictal (new med) and will be OFF of it in a week...we've weaned it very slow as to not aggravate the S's.  He is at the full dose of Keppra still...and we are about to BREAK!  The Keppra Rage is coming back full force and we are already exhausted & in BAD MOODS!  He is back to pulling hair, scratching  our face up, biting, hitting his head with his fist, pounding his head on tile and sharp corners etc.  A lot of people say their child is like that because of the "terrible 2's" but I assure you that this is NOT it and the drs do know that it is from the Keppra.  So, back into his crib he goes...about 20 times a day!  If you've experienced Keppra Rage with your know it is VERY VERY different then just a crabby child going through a "stage".



I am so FREAKING excited!!!!   Cole learned to wave "bye" this week (8 months post op). I CAN NOT EVEN TELL YOU how AMAZING this is for him! Cole actually waved for the 1st time when he was 7 months old (before his seizures started). Luckily, I got him on video with my cell phone...but it makes me sick because the quality of the video is VERY poor & grainy. It was bitter sweet having that on video...I've watch that video of him OVER & OVER & OVER, with tears streaming down my face & a HUGE pit in my stomach, not ever knowing if I'd witness him wave again. The feeling I have when I watch him wave is JUST INCREDIBLE...and no matter how many times I see him "wave" I get teary-eyed every time. It's LITERALLY a DREAM COME TRUE! I love being Cole's mom and I am SO blessed to have him as MY child. He is so special to us & our family rejoices in his accomplishments.
Here's a video of him waving at 7 months & 3 1/2 years old! 
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