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When Cole started seizing again, it felt like the WOST DAY OF OUR LIFE'S.  A few days later, I literally felt the Love and Mercy of the Saviors arm's around me & my husband.  I felt at peace and felt the prayers of others surrounding our family as the heart break and disrepair was alleviated.   It was an amazing feeling.  I am in a place where I feel grateful for EVERYTHING that the Lord has blessed us with (the good & the "not so good").   I found my self turning to the Lord and thanking him for this trial.  I feel so humbled to have Cole as MY son.  And to have SO many people LOVE him SO MUCH and have a concern for him.  People are amazing, they have taught me what Service, Compassion & Love really is...and I hope I can become more like them- I feel ashamed that I haven't personally thanked all of them...I am sorry if I haven't, but I am really thankful to all of those who are always serving our family & praying for us.

It seems as though, when adversity strikes, the Lord is there to bless us & answer our prayers.  "A" (Cole's Daddy) graduated with his Bachelor's in 2008.  His "plan" was to work for a City as a Building Inspector...however, with the economy taking a plunge, that "plan" didn't work out.  We continued to pray that something would work out so he could take care of our family's needs.  He had quite a few job offers, but kept declining them  because they wouldn't "work" for Cole's needs.  We thought we were crazy for turning good job offers down during a recession...but nothing felt "right".  We kept letting the spirit guide us and low and behold...that job offer came the same time Cole's "S's" came back.  Yep, during the time when we were down, our prayers were answered after 4 years.  We found comfort knowing that Heavenly Father does LIVE & he DOES bless us & IS VERY AWARE of us.  He might not answer them at the time we would like him to, but he WILL.  We thought the City who offered him the job would start him out as an Engineer Tech 1, but they starting him out as the Engineering Tech 2!  I am SO proud of my husband for being so dedicated to his family.  When Cole started seizing he put his career on hold to stay home with Cole, not a lot of dads would do that (and yes, he actually took care of him, he even made the Ketogenic Diet Meals for Cole, which is an absurd amount of time & precision of measuring & making those meals!).  He is a amazing dad to Cole and we love him so much!

We upped the Keppra to 250mg (AM) & 250mg (PM) 2 days ago.   He is still on Lamictal.  We are hoping this works!  We are still waiting for a *certain* hospital to CALL US BACK so he can get an EEG.  His neuro here & the neuro in Cleveland talked and decided he needed an EEG...well the one here never put an order in and is off this week!  So, I am going to call his neuro in Cleveland to get the ball rolling.  Glad we have a dr who is on top of things.


  1. I'm so glad that you are feeling better. These ups and downs are SO hard. Isn't all the love and support and prayers amazing? Going through a huge trial sucks but it sure shows you how much you are loved by God and others! Just want you to know that I think you're amazing and that Cole is very lucky to have you and his daddy!

  2. I hope that the keppra helps! Good luck with getting the folks at primary to respond. If things get particularly difficult, you may want to ask to work with their palliative care team? I don't know what it will do, but that's our next step with B. The lack of communication is chronic in that department!

  3. God, we love you.
    Good things come to him who waits!
    Thank you for sharing that story!
    It made my day!

    I hope God continues to bless your family!!
    A big hug for brave little Cole,
    and the best of luck with the EEG!

    1. thank you for your sweet comment KTG! ...and yes, Good things DO come to those that wait :)

  4. Congrats on the new job! That is very exciting news... I know you have been waiting for it for a long time :) I have been thinking of you a lot lately and I hope you are doing ok. PLEASE let me know if I can ever do anything- I know I live quite a ways away, but I would still love to support you in any way!!