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Well, I am finally getting around to posting our Christmas day!  My sister-in-law made us this:
...isn't is so cute! I LOVE it. And remember this post where I talked about how much I LOVE this picture.   Well, my sweet husband surprised me with my favorite painting...he had it signed by the artist, Greg Olsen & he wrote me this note on the back of the picture: "Merry Christmas, May the Savior always walk by you and those you love".  
It was the perfect gift for the most AMAZING year that I've ever experienced.  This little boy seems to be the same age as Cole is right now...and even looks like him (except Cole's his hair is darker).   At the end of 2010, I kept feeling like 2011 was going to be a GREAT year.  I kept telling my husband that I felt so good about the coming year....and boy, was I right.  I felt the lowest I've ever felt when his doctors here couldn't and didn't want to help Cole...and I felt like they were trying to take my "HOPE" away from me.  3 days later we were planning our first trip to the Cleveland Clinic.  And by the goodness of others, we were able to take Cole to the most amazing doctors and find out what was wrong with him...not only that...7 months later he was able to have brain surgery and everything went as planned.  I don't know how we got so lucky...I REALLY REALLY don't.  It's weird thinking about the WORST day of our lives (when he started seizing) and skipping forward 2 years later....and looking back at everything we had gone through and how hard we fought for Cole...especially the "actual" fights with drs that thought I was NUTS!  Standing up to the drs (here) was the BEST thing for Cole.  I actually have no regrets of the drs here not wanting or being able to help him...because it was actually a blessing in lead us to the Cleveland Clinic!
Now the picture above is my favorite picture EVER.  Cole was quietly sitting on the couch....we looked over and he was staring at the picture of Jesus.  The rest of the day he kept climbing on the couch to stare at it.  If you want to know what a perfect world is to me...this is it!  ...oh, and by the way...did you know Cole couldn't even climb on the couch at the beginning of last year!?! he jumps, climbs, bites and kicks the couch!
And this beauty in the red wrapping paper is an Antique Window...I kept telling the hubby I wanted one...I love antique stuff, it has a story, it's original and beautiful in it's own way.  However, I am going to paint this one though and hang it up with a wreath hanging over it.
...and last but not least...Santa did visit Cole.  He brought him some snacks that he enjoys!  He gobbled the up.


  1. I love this post! Thank you! I can't wait to have that same feeling at the end of this year. Thank you for your support and for answering all of my questions. I was reading your posts today about his surgery and it brings back so much anxiety and the thought of doing this all over again, but when I see how far he has come and how far backwards we are... it gives me hope. I walked out of her last appt. with the doctors here feeling hopeless, and yet when I talked to Cleveland today there was nothing but hope coming from her mouth. Because of your family and story and talking with Cleveland we have that hope again!! Thank you!! Let me know how the medication changes go. Good Luck!

  2. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing. -Ashley