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Last year, when I was in the search to find help for Cole...I heard a lot about a multivitamin from, NOT Kirkland (like Costco).  A lot of mom's who have special needs kids use it because it has REALLY great stuff in it like .  A parent said their child had Aspergers and wasn't talking much, after they started the supplement, they noticed that his behavior was significantly better and his words tripled.  I saw a lot more reviews saying that behavior was better and their vocabulary increased (not everyone experienced this obviously) but hey, I'll try anything!  Last month when Cole's behavior was OUT OF CONTROL, I decided to try it...I was skeptical, because I just didn't think I would notice things like that just from a multivitamin.   I called the lady at Kirkman to see which multivitamin I wanted to try him on.  She mentioned that they had a multivitamin with "high doses of B6" & one with "low doses of B6" because some kids can't tolerate the high doses of B6...they get jittery, aggravated etc.  I had her repeat the stuff she just said because we had just raised the levels of B6 by 500% because the dr said it helps with counteracting the "Keppra Rage".  Well, low and behold, Cole was NOT tolerating B6 at all and it was increasing his "Keppra Rage" by 500%!!!   Once she said that, I told her I wanted the one "WITHOUT all of the B6" (called Spectrum Complete).  It's also Hypoallergenic: Free of Casein, gluten, soy, milk, wheat, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, gelatin, yeast, fish, tree nuts or peanuts.

Anyways, so we tried him on it...and after 3 days I noticed his "Rage" was significantly LOW.  Then, later that weekend he started babbling "mama" again!  I've noticed a lot of improvements with Cole taking this I am going to keep him on it!

I was SUPER excited because it contains:
-Choline: which is essential in the manufacture of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine
-Inositol: is also necessary for proper nerve, brain, and muscle function.
-Taurine and Glycine: help maintain the neurotransmitters in the brain and produce a calming effect on the body.
-DMAE: which is included to aid in focusing.
-Selenium: which is included for its immune supporting properties
-Molybdenum: which is important in sulfur metabolism and may help support the PST system.

I ordered the one I wanted from here (because I got FREE shipping...Type in "Free" at check out to get free shipping of order's $40 or more)

I ordered this exact one...which is the powder form so I can mix it into his food.  But, it does come in a liquid flavored form, capsules (which can be opened and mixed into food or swallowed) & the powder...which only works if your child can't tell it's mixed in with a slight taste. Cole doesn't seem to mind...but he was already used to a powder vitamin like this. 

If you want to see the other multivitamins from Kirkman go: here
(they have children's chewables, liquid, powder, hypoallergenic, not hypoallergenic...every combination you can think of!!!!)  They Ultra-Test their products too!


  1. Great Job Mama! Isn't it amazing what it can do? I was also utterly shocked at what a difference just 1 vitamin did for our kiddos...anyhow, that is a good one...our kids did well on it. You might also look at an Omega 3 supplement. Reduces inflammation, can be helpful for seizure kiddos. Nordic Naturals has the best stuff for the price. They are mercury free.

  2. My husband and I have been talking about adding vitamins and/or going gluten free as well. I've read so much on the benefits but his doctors and therapists have never mentioned it. I think I'll look into these as well! Michael will take any powder/pill dissolved into a syringe :) Can't hurt to try right? :)

  3. What a gorgeous family you have! Cole is stunning. You will beat this. I am finally reading back on my blog and noticed you had commented on our Cassidy. Touching to know that even perfect strangers have been praying for us. Thank you. You certainly have your own world of struggles. But can I just say WOW. You are amazing. You know your stuff, and you have too! I want to back you up for following the spirit and using that as your guide as you fight for Cole's well being. That's how we finally found Cassie's tumor. I kept fighting for answers. You go girl. Praying for good news in March! Never give up hope. It's all you have sometimes.

    1. Thanks Ali, I found your blog on someone's facebook and I just feel for you and your family. I always check in to see how Cassie is doing...she is just adorable! I hope things are going good for you guys. xoxo.

  4. I do believe it! I now believe that vitamins make a HUGE difference! Good sleuthing, Mama!

    I'm so glad Cole is happy again! HE looked so cute with the snow! And he just looks awesome in general. :)