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Cole has been behind on his immunizations ever since he started having "S's".  I finally felt like it was time to start on them again.  He started having "weird seizure like activity" after he got his shot.  Then, we saw a few "head nod" seizures.  Cole is SO sensitive to things...even if we change his vitamins, supplements & meds...SOMETHING happens.  I should have listened to my self and known Cole's history with everything, but I figured since he was doing good, I thought it would be ok.   Moral of the story...ALWAYS listen to your motherly instincts.  We are trying not to freak out.  It makes me sick & I can feel my self starting to slip into a dark place if I'm not careful...I'm trying SO SO SO hard not to do that.  I told my husband the other day that I wish I could just die for Cole...if he could have a better life...I would die for him. But that's not how it's suppose to be.  I love Cole the way he is, but I feel sad that life isn't easier for him. My husband reminded me, that Cole is too perfect & he is being shielded from the filth of the world.  He is also here to help me become the person I am suppose to become.  Can you tell I have a hard time with holidays?...right now, I need to just grab onto my faith & pour my heart & soul into what is really important...and that is...the Lord.  He's the only one that makes "Un-fair" things feel like it will be ok...maybe not today but someday.

Anyways, here's what Cole's been up to:

We decorated our Christmas Tree...yes, it's only 4 feet, but this is how Cole would like it to look like instead!  He thinks it's pretty funny to throw everything off! 
Cole's new toy obsession this week is the Foam "T" in his hand.  His first love has & will always be his lap top.
We can't keep his shoes's been 6 months since he has worn shoes longer then 10 minutes because of his Sensory Processing Disorder.  It is super cold and snowing we had to do something...his babysitter tried to tape his shoes...and it worked!!!  We use the Medical Stretchy Band and it's PERFECT!
We switched Cole's honey that we buy from the store to Raw Honey...and oh my goodness...the taste is amazing!!!  But besides the's got AMAZING vitamins in it that Cole is in desperate need of:
• Vitamin A
• Beta-Carotene
• All of the B-Complex Vitamins
• Vitamins C, D, E and K
• Minerals magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, chlorine, potassium, iodine, sodium, copper and manganese

He's been responding SO well since we've switched to the "Real" stuff!!!  Bagley Honey Farms has the best Raw Honey 801-489-4820 ...and for the mom who needs "a pick me up"...a spoonful of Raw Honey does the trick!



Daddy was getting Cole ready for bed, gave him his medication and told him "it's time for bed, go give mommy a kiss".  He ran over to me (WITHOUT assistance or  hand gestures) and stuck his lips out to give me a kiss on my lips!!  I'm in heaven & almost burst into tears! He used to give "kisses" with his chin & would only "kiss" us on our knees...but stopped doing that 8 months ago.  I am SO greatful that I got to experience that & I hope he dose it again someday (soon!).  All of his rage, headbutting, scratching & kicking is so worth it for one little kiss...I love him!!!



A few weeks ago we decided to pull the laminate up in the bathroom & replace it with tile. There was a HUGE surprise waiting for us...yep, mold! Luckily the hubby's last job was for a Restoration Company. But, instead of JUST the tile & some paint on the vanity...we had to gut the whole bathroom, including the sub-floor & dry wall...and the tub got destroyed & the vanity had to be thrown out as well...and the toilet too. So, here's what the hubby has been working on.

And Mommy has been busy this last week, packing up boxes to close the store...the day before Thanksgiving I worked from 8am-2am the next morning.  Needless to say all of us were tired...and then, we had to prep the store for Black Friday!  And...Black Friday is just not fun if you work in retail! 
After working Black Friday Weekend...we celebrated our 9-year anniversary with Cole and some pizza...can't get anymore romantic then that!
 And after a long work day...I didn't have time to get ready!
 BUT, Cole was SO good!!!  He sat, for the 1st TIME at the table with us (in a public place) instead of his stroller (his comfort zone).  And no behavior issues!

...Then, I got home, and our HUGE tree in the front yard (below) and the tree in our back yard that got destroyed a few weeks ago in the snow storm were GONE!  We were going to wait till the Spring to take it out...but the AWESOME guys (and a few ladies & kids)  in our ward took time out of their Saturday to chop them down for us! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  We have no time to rack leaves so the solution is to cut the trees down!  

...And this was our first project (since I had left-over paint).  We painted the hallway & did stripes!
 not the best picture...but you get the jist.  I also replaced the gold light with this "lovely", the retail price: $150, but I bought it from a store that was closing for $30!!!  I love bargain shopping.



Oh internet, how I have missed you!  We still have no internet because...well, it's EXPENSIVE!  ...and that's why I haven't been doing new posts!  oh, and I JUST looked and we have ALMOST 100,000 views...that was a nice surprise!  This year, we celebrated Cole's birthday a month late because of the move.  When Cole had brain surgery last year, I bought him a cute Indians Jersey,  mommy & daddy got Indians Tee-Shirts., I decided the theme of his Birthday Party would be the Cleveland Indians.  Cleveland is sentimental to our family & Cole's LOVES throwing balls...seriously, we find them the sink, in my purse in EVERY room & under EVERY table. So, if I knew what he was thinking...I think he would pick a baseball party!

Cole in his jersey we got during his brain surgery:
Cleveland Indian Fans:
 Fire Place Mantle:
 Cole's crazy hair:
 Decore' (thanks Tiff!):
 Baseball Decore':
 Popcorn Bags:
 Treat Table:
 Cole's Cleveland plaque from the air port (1st time going to Cleveland):
 Cole's 1st Birthday pictures:
 The cake:
 The pendants:
 Party's Here:
 Cole getting sung to, I don't think he realized it:
 ...more family:
 ...even more family:
 ...relaxing after the party:
 Cole & Daddy:
 ...the tickle monster, his favorite!
 this is how he calms him down immediately and he's SO GOOD! headbutting, scratching, crying etc....etc.
 he relaxed with some Jazz Music, also his favorite! family knows him well, he got goldfish crackers, a soft blanket & jazz music :)
 Our friends!'s our tradition to take our "yearly picture" at Cole's party! in action...Cole is about to rip Chloe's hair out & headbutt her.
 We recently figured out that Cole LOVES watching baseball & football...if he hears it on the TV, he runs into the family room, gets in front of the TV & jumps up & down, spins & laughs.  We thought it was just a one time thing...but it happens every time now...which is kinda cool to figure out his "likes". 
Happy Birthday Cole!  We love you so much and are excited to celebrate another year with you.  Since last year, you've learned SO much.  
To name a few...learned how to: 
-climb on the couch
-go up stairs
-hold hands
-throw a ball
-sit in a chair
-understands "sit down"
-play with certain toys, like the basket ball hoop.
-drink out of a cup
-give "five"
-make the sound of a car with your lips & push a car 
-found out you have a "pet dog"
-loves the hammock at school
-dances in front of the snack cabinet at school
-sign "all done"
...I'm sure there are a lot more, but I can't think of them all...because it's been a long year...and my memory is dwindling : - /



Well, this is what Cole got for his birthday...his own room!  No more living in the storage room ;)  We are SO SO thankful to grandma & grandpa for letting us live with them for so long...ESPECIALLY during Cole's HUGE medical stuff.  It's been a long road...I often thought this day would never come (i think grandpa & grandma thought the same thing haha!), those times, I didn't really long as Cole's needs were being met, that was ALL THAT MATTERED!

Home Sweet Home.
Here's the BIRTHDAY BOY!
Daddy & Cole.
Cole's favorite throw dog food down the stairs...and guess what...I DON"T EVEN CARE, because it makes him SO HAPPY!
Our neighbors have been SO SO SWEET!  They have brought us goodies:
Fresh Cut Flowers:
More flowers for the front of the house:
...we LOVE our new neighbors, thank you so much for your kindness!!



This guy named Jarren, who is just older then me is in our ward/church.  He has down syndrome...and has one of the most incredible spirits.  A few weeks ago, he tapped me on the shoulder and said "I'm sorry about Cole".  I told him not to worry, because Cole was doing good.  He said "I pray for him all of the time"...oh yes, I totally started crying!  What an amazing & self less person he is!  A few months prior, he went up to Coles grandma & told her "he loved Cole & needed to protect him"...yes, more tears.  I love amazing spirits like Jarren, Cole & other kids we know...I'm greatful that I get to be a mom to one of them.  It's a constant reminder of the tender mercies in life & what is really important.



Daddy cut his hair and Cole could NOT stop rubbing it...he seriously rubbed his hair for 3 hours straight...that's what you call "Sensory Disorder". He is infatuated with textures...hence his blanky, Daddy's hair & the Car Seat fabric. But, can't stand to wear his shoes for more then 2 minutes at a time. From the beginning of June to September, Cole has "worn" his shoes a total of 2 hours. We just keep putting them back on and so do his teachers, but it's a battle ALL DAY LONG. His therapist said we NEED to keep putting them back on right after he kicks them off, or he will never be able to "stand" wearing shoes. It literally FREAKS him out to wear his right shoe...his left, he can handle for longer periods. 

For a week straight he rubbed daddy's hair till it grew a bit!
See how happy it makes him! for mommy, she gets attacked...these are my battle wounds & they are everywhere.  Luckily winter is coming so I can "protect" my arms.  Cole got daddy's face pretty good...everyone asked what happened & we would say "Cole Freddy-kurgered his face". 

He decided to be sweet & give me a "Five", before attacking me again.