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Cole went to preschool for the first time! Because he is "special needs" he gets services through the school district.  He qualified for EVERYTHING...even OT, PT, Speech Therapy & Vision services. Each therapist will work with him once a week (any where from 10 min to 30 min a week).  Which is good because we found out the insurance won't cover ANY of his therapy!  And of course we found that out AFTER we had taken him 3 times which means we get to fork out $1500 for the 3 times.  (that was different therapy then the intensive rehab we were doing).  Had I known we were going to have to pay for all of that...I could have taken him to "Now I Can", the intensive therapy that has worked wonders.  But, an AMAZING family was SO nice to donate money to Cole,  so we could do a few sessions at "Now I Can"...Thank You!  We REALLY appreciate it. (I will do a post on his Therapy later).  Out of all the therapies we have tried...I have to say "Now I Can" has been the BEST for Cole! Anyways, back to Preschool...I was so sad, but SO happy that he has an opportunity to get an education and services. I LOVE his teachers. We almost had to switch schools, but I wasn't liking how I was feeling about the, we stayed! 
Cole's day started out like this:
Wake up at 8:20am, eat, get ready and head out side to wait for the bus by 8:45am
He was excited we were out side.
Then realized something was happening...and started crying (seriously, look at this face! it's so sad).
Cried even more...
then decided he was outta-here!
He finally calmed down.
We patiently waited for the bus.
We grabbed his bag (or *I* grabbed his bag).  
He won't wear it & doesn't understand what it is...he's good at letting it fall off of his shoulders,
I carried him on the bus & they strapped him in a harness...poor guy looks terrified!
He cried the whole way...I met him at school & watched him the whole time.  He did pretty good as long as he was being held or fed.  It was a little daunting watching him in a class of kids his age (some with delays & some w/out delays) and see how far behind he is.  But, with Cole going 4 days a week & 3 hrs a day...I think it will do wonders!  I am SO excited for him to be able to have these services available to him through the School's such a blessing. 
Cole didn't know I was in the class...even when I think he saw me, I don't think he realized I was there.  But, once he came home on the bus...he was SO happy!!!  ...see his *cute* smile.
Cole has been doing so good the last few days.  He babbled "mama" & "dada" for the *FIRST* time since he started having "S"s at 10 months old (I really HOPE it sticks around!) But oh, to hear that...I can't even tell you how it felt!   It also sounded like he was saying our dog's name & following her around.  I REALLY can't believe how far he has come.  He was even "playing" with some of his toys he's NEVER played with!  Oh, by the way I need to thank his friend "Savy" for getting him that toy phone...he takes that thing EVERY where and clutches it in his hand against his the shopping cart, at home, at calms him down when he has melt THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Yay! I am so glad gets to go to preschool. I am sure it is going to do wonders for him. We are SO glad to hear he likes the phone! Congrats Cole on your first day of school.