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We finally went on our *FIRST* real date since Cole started seizing, yes it's been 2 years!!! And yes, it probably wasn't the "healthiest" thing for our marriage, but you do what you do, and you do what you don't...and that...we didn't do. It was too hard to leave him and we only left him out of necessity to go to work. We've gone on dates, but Cole has always "chaperoned" us. We celebrated our "anniversary" 1 month early since I will be going back to work soon (right now I'm on medical leave) so we wouldn't have time to go out once I go back to work. We went to FINALLY see Thriller (the musical). I've been wanting to see this for 7 years! did not disappoint! We also went to eat at Maxwell's was the best pizza ever! Thanks for the fun night Dan & Chanel.
...sorry Dan...I'll have to photo shop you into the photo!
We got home at 11:30pm...we missed Cole so much we went and got him (he was already moving around in the video monitor).



Cole went to preschool for the first time! Because he is "special needs" he gets services through the school district.  He qualified for EVERYTHING...even OT, PT, Speech Therapy & Vision services. Each therapist will work with him once a week (any where from 10 min to 30 min a week).  Which is good because we found out the insurance won't cover ANY of his therapy!  And of course we found that out AFTER we had taken him 3 times which means we get to fork out $1500 for the 3 times.  (that was different therapy then the intensive rehab we were doing).  Had I known we were going to have to pay for all of that...I could have taken him to "Now I Can", the intensive therapy that has worked wonders.  But, an AMAZING family was SO nice to donate money to Cole,  so we could do a few sessions at "Now I Can"...Thank You!  We REALLY appreciate it. (I will do a post on his Therapy later).  Out of all the therapies we have tried...I have to say "Now I Can" has been the BEST for Cole! Anyways, back to Preschool...I was so sad, but SO happy that he has an opportunity to get an education and services. I LOVE his teachers. We almost had to switch schools, but I wasn't liking how I was feeling about the, we stayed! 
Cole's day started out like this:
Wake up at 8:20am, eat, get ready and head out side to wait for the bus by 8:45am
He was excited we were out side.
Then realized something was happening...and started crying (seriously, look at this face! it's so sad).
Cried even more...
then decided he was outta-here!
He finally calmed down.
We patiently waited for the bus.
We grabbed his bag (or *I* grabbed his bag).  
He won't wear it & doesn't understand what it is...he's good at letting it fall off of his shoulders,
I carried him on the bus & they strapped him in a harness...poor guy looks terrified!
He cried the whole way...I met him at school & watched him the whole time.  He did pretty good as long as he was being held or fed.  It was a little daunting watching him in a class of kids his age (some with delays & some w/out delays) and see how far behind he is.  But, with Cole going 4 days a week & 3 hrs a day...I think it will do wonders!  I am SO excited for him to be able to have these services available to him through the School's such a blessing. 
Cole didn't know I was in the class...even when I think he saw me, I don't think he realized I was there.  But, once he came home on the bus...he was SO happy!!!  ...see his *cute* smile.
Cole has been doing so good the last few days.  He babbled "mama" & "dada" for the *FIRST* time since he started having "S"s at 10 months old (I really HOPE it sticks around!) But oh, to hear that...I can't even tell you how it felt!   It also sounded like he was saying our dog's name & following her around.  I REALLY can't believe how far he has come.  He was even "playing" with some of his toys he's NEVER played with!  Oh, by the way I need to thank his friend "Savy" for getting him that toy phone...he takes that thing EVERY where and clutches it in his hand against his the shopping cart, at home, at calms him down when he has melt THANK YOU!!!



It's been 7 weeks since Cole's surgery and it seems surreal! Looking at the pictures, I can remember what he smelled like and the feeling in the was both a weird smell & a weird feeling...but the feeling & smell of hope & "a new life".   The past 2 years of what Cole has gone through and how far he's come has been to much to fathom. Going from 150+ seizures a day to 7 weeks of not seeing "any" is a HUGE accomplishment for Cole...but we have 6 more years of "holding our breath" to see if the surgery worked fully. He's doing SO good. He has come a long way. He is starting to do things I've only dreamed of and thought I might not ever holding our hand from the car to the front door of the house. Last week we got to go on our *First* walk with out the stroller!!!! He held our hand all the way around the block. He tried to reach for the light switch today also. I can't help but thank my Heavenly Father to let me witness the many MIRACLES of my *own* son. If you are wondering if Christ exists...I TESTIFY to you that he *DOES* exist, he is VERY real....with *EVERY* fiber of my being, I know that he exists. Because of Christ, we are able to experience & witness miracles both big & small. There were many times when I begged & pleated to know "why us", "why my child" and I begged to make it go away. There were days when I felt like running away to a deserted Island with my family so we wouldn't have to feel the pain and think of the future...thinking of the future freaked me out. I now know that it was for my benefit, to help me and my family grow in ways that we wouldn't have been able to, and so I could relate to those that are suffering. Some people have asked me how I've gotten through the eye dr the other day...he asked me, "so how are you so up beat about life?" I laughed and wasn't going to say anything...but realized he really did want to know. Well, a lot of people have asked me, so here is my answer...Mosiah 24:14 the Lord said "And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions". I am here to tell you that it is TRUE! I was telling "daddy" after Cole finally healed from his surgery, that is "was like someone literally picked us up, placed us at the Cleveland Clinic in February and parted the way for Cole to have surgery. I don't even know how it was so easy to get Cole admitted and insurance stuff in place. It's been one amazing and crazy journey...I know it's not completely over, but I feel at peace and hope for the future!



Sorry, I know it's been awhile since I've blogged...I've been gone ALL day long the last few days to Drs apt & therapy apts...Cole started intesive rehab this week and we LOVE it (a post is coming on that!) and Cole gets to have glasses now! Anyways, on to the party, I LOVE parties...and thanks to my friend, Katie, I was able to do this *cute* Car's Party for Cole and borrow EVERYTHING from her! All I had to get was the treats and food. This was Cole's first "friend" party. I loved being able to invite all of his little friends (which I missed getting photo's of most of the kiddo's) but it was fun to celebrate ANOTHER year of Cole's life...especially this year...and right after his surgery. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for Cole! This year...we didn't get Cole an actual "item" for his birthday...but we did get him a trip to Cleveland & Brain Surgery for his birthday this year (which was quite pricey compared to most birthday gifts!)...I hope he enjoys his "new life" full of HOPE this year!!! ...Thank you to ALL of his AWESOME friends who came to support and celebrate Cole on his birthday...we REALLY appreciate was a GREAT day...and luckily good weather too! (oh, by the way Cecile, this post is for you since I know you love parties!
Happy Birthday Cole!!! We love you SO much and hope more AMAZING things happen for you this coming year. xoxo.



A few weeks ago my sweet friend Tiffany took our family pictures and I LOVE how they turned out.  Thanks SO SO much Tiff!!! It was on VERY short noticed (the day before Cole got his stitches out) I wanted pictures of our family's "new" adventure & journey...and a "new" start. So far...the journey has been completely amazing! We met with Cole's speech therapist for the first time yesterday. She scored him at a 9 month old level (which was to be expected). We are to treat Cole as if he is 9 months old as we start his speech therapy....for obvious reasons, you can't just jump into teaching him like a "3 year old". So, we are pretty much starting where we left off 2 years ago. She did some babbling and "turn" taking & he actually copied the sound she was making! Later that night, Cole started babbling...we just sat and listened to him ALL night long and couldn't believe what we were hearing. It was defiantly emotional.  My heart has been so full lately for the amount of gratitude I have for my Heavenly Father...for the things that we have been able to experience (yes, good and bad...because with out the bad...we wouldn't know the good).  "Weathering" a "storm" is never easy...but I promise you...if you do it the Lord's way...relief *WILL* come.  



Minky Couture has the most AMAZING & SOFT blankets EVER & they donated a blanket to Cole (thanks Becky)!  We got it right after Cole got home from the hospital and I can  just say...this blanket has amazing powers!  Everytime Cole was uncomfortable, hurting or sad I would wrap him in his blanket and it totally soothed him!  Thanks Minky Couture!!!  (I saw a 20%off coupon on their website...not sure how long it's good for...they sell infant to adult sizes).
My sister's and mom surprised me with a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag and I LOVE it!  I can throw it on and hold Cole, instead of it falling off of my arm as I am trying to carry this heavy boy! It's made my life much easier, Thanks Girls!!!