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When we got here...we thought Cole would have to be in the hospital for 10 days, but the day before surgery they said it's usually 10 days if kids aren't doing very well...but typically it is 2 days in PICU & 2 days in the monitoring  if they are doing good.  Cole was in the PICU for 4 days & so far 5 days in the monitoring that kinda tells you how he's doing.   Drs were thinking we could get out today...but they came to check on him this morning and he wasn't doing good.  So, we are staying another day (we can get out of here if Cole has 1 good day...but they want us to stay in town for a few days after to make sure Cole is ok).  After lunch Cole started to feel better....this is the dr he keeps flirting was so funny, he wanted to get out of daddy's arms to go to her.  She came to check on him later in the day and he was smiling & smurking.  I said to Cole "are you flirting" and he smiled even more at I had to get a picture of his first "crush"! 
 We were SO excited Cole was feeling better...we had high hopes of getting out on Saturday.
 WRONG!!!  Later tonight...this happend....
 ...and this happend (his head is so swollen), which is typical...but the drs are worried that he's had such a hard recovery.  Believe it or not...this cute little boy that is 3 years old next door to us had surgery 2 days ago and you would never know he had surgery...he will be going home before Cole and had surgery 1 week before him.
 We are having issues deciding where to do therapy...problem is the dr wanted Cole to do "in-patient" rehab because he isn't walking very well. But the therapist who came said he doesn't have a breathing tube and most kids are when they do "in-patient".  So she was going to work with the insurance to do "out-patient" therapy at the Shaker campus (which is an amazing therapy program) it would be Monday-Friday 8 hours a day....but we have to get pre-approval and she can't submit the papers till Monday, then we have to wait for the insurance to say if they approve it....which won't happen till tue or wed.  So, we would end up having to waste 2 or 3 of our days.  Then she said they would help us find an out-patient where we live, but then we have to figure out what would be just as good for him and aggressive.  The Shaker campus rehab is specifically for children who just had epilepsy it would make sense to do it there.  uuuhh!
Thanks Tiff for sending me these beautiful flowers!!! It was a nice surprise :)

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  1. This is such a roller coaster but you'll get through it!

    For what it's worth, I recommend staying there to do their therapy program. I thought we could find something comparable in California but we really couldn't. It wasn't such a big deal in LJ's case because he didn't lose skills after his surgery (he didn't have skills like Cole's to lose!), but in Cole's case I really think that therapy would be awesome for him to help him regain those skills. Just my two cents :) -Ashley