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  Cole had a visit from Dinah, the therapy dog...he didn't care or even notice.
Can I tell you how much I LOVE Cole's neurologist (Dr. Lachhwani).  He is the nicest, most genuine doctor ever!  He called the nurses today to check up on Cole.  Later today, he came in to visit us.  He wanted to know how we were holding up...he sat down with us for a bit because he TRULY wanted to know how WE were feeling.  I think he knew from the nurses that Cole has had a rough week...and in turn, knew that we were not doing the best.  I told him we we stressed out, he reassured us that we were doing our best and to keep having positive thoughts and talked to us about Cole's possible Absent "S's"  He wanted to know what he could do to help us.   Then he picked Cole up to comfort him because he was freaking out as usual. 
He wins "The Best Neurologist Award" in my book.
This is what I mean by "freaking out"!...
He has beaten his own nose & scratched it up...
and uses his arm bandage to keep cutting it open.
He clawed his chest to pieces (it looks worse in person)...
But, when he is asleep...he looks like an angel.
When Cole is asleep...we don't make a move....because he is a CRAZY MAN when he is awake. That is why we can't leave the hospital because they are trying to get his pain under control. Oh...and don't worry...remember the post of Day 4 (IV issues because Cole kicked out 2 IV's and we had 20 people tying to get an IV in him), well we FINALLY got an IV in him that night...they called a 3rd anesthesiologist from home to come put one in Cole. But, the next day he kicked that out also. So, we had to wheel him down for a 4th IV and have a 4th anesthesiologist put another IV in him. She remembered Cole last time we were her. Then another nurse remembered him from the OR...then 5 other nurses remembered Cole from February & June. One of the dr said "I think everyone knows Cole now...he's famous!"...and I was thinking...yeah, he's probably famous for being the Incredible Hulk and kicking out 3 IV's and having 22 people try to get IV's in him...I am pretty sure his IV's are going to cost A LOT OF MONEY! 
We will know more about Cole EEG tomorrow...if you didn't read about the EEG earlier today here is the update: We aren't sure if Cole is having absent "S's".  He keeps looking at the ceiling and doing funny/repetitive things with his tongue.  He is also awake and NOT crying for once...which is kinda weird.  They look different then the absent seizures he had before the surgery...we are praying they are not.  They are hooking him up to the EEG today. 


  1. The being incredibly strong and "famous" must come with the name :) Hope tomorrow is better. We love you!

  2. Its become routine at our house... Every night when I put Taggart to bed he wants me to read Cole's blog to him. He truly cares. We look up to you and wish you the best.

  3. This is a heartbreaking thing to have to go through. It is understandable that you would be feeling pretty beaten up yourselves at this point. For what it's worth, I know better days are ahead for you. You are in great hands there. We are praying for you all constantly. -Ashley