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Meet Dr. Bingaman.
When I found out about Cleveland Clinic, I was going through the pictures and profiles of the drs I wanted Cole to see. Dr. Bingaman caught my eye immediately. For some reason I was drawn to him...I saw his face and knew he could help us. I felt like I owed this man my life and didn't know why. Well, I looked at his profile and saw that he was a Neurosurgeon. I was looking for a heart sank because I didn't know how I could have such strong feelings just by looking at a picture of someone I've never met. But, I did find an amazing neurologist (whom I love & also owe my life to since he found Cole's malformation...Dr. Deepak Luchhwani). Anyways, little did I know that the feelings I had for this dr were real....and it confirmed my thoughts and feelings after finding out that Little John (Cole's friend) also had Dr. Bingaman as his neurosurgeon (which was a successful surgery!)...and his amazing mom reassuring me of how much she trusted Dr. Bingaman. Everything fit so well and I had NO hesitation that Cole was in the BEST of hands. As we had our conference with Dr. Bingaman minutes before I handed Cole's life over to him, he reassured me that he would take good care of him...I KNEW I didn't have to worry. In fact, while we waited for the 6 hours of surgery, I was at peace. I can't explain it, but I wasn't scared or nervous or even very emotional. It was probably the best feeling I had, knowing that my little boy had his whole future in front of him now. And I am SURE it was also your prayers...definitely couldn't have done it with out YOU. 
My sweet dear friend, Kami and her family sent this beautiful & fun bouquet of flowers, aren't they cute!  Thanks Kami, we needed something bright in our room :) 
We made Cole walk today...yes, MADE.  I feel like he's an infant sleep, trying to figure out what he needs and why he's crying.  Trying to figure out if he's hungry, tired, hurting etc.  Getting him to sit up is really hard and getting him to walk is even harder.  He will have to re-learn everything.  I thought it could happen, but I wasn't really preparing my self that he wouldn' here's to another challenge. 
So far, Cole's surgery has been a success!  I am a little superstitious...and haven't said the "S" word since before his surgery.   Actually, I did say it once today to the surgeon, I told him I haven't seen any...he said that is GOOD...but it is a better sign if he doesn't have one for the next 6 years.   So, with that said...I am being superstitious!


  1. Wow! It thrills me to see him up and walking. This is the beginning of a long, hard road of therapy but he is off to a great start. I'm glad you love Dr. Bingaman as much as we do. -Ashley

  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You for keep us posted, even though I am sure you dont want to take the time most of the time. I am constantly checking your blog to see if there is any new news. We are still praying for you guys, and hoping for no "s" words;) Let us know if we can do anything for you. Keep up the good work, get some sleep, you cant help Cole if you are low on energy, its not selfish its fact.

  3. Cole is looking so good for having such a major surgery! You have quite the tough guy on your hands! I love that boy! :)