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This day has been far the worst day! This poor little boy has been through so much and we feel so bad! Because Cole kicked out 2 IV's the other day, they tried to find another area to put it in...first, 8 people tried, then they called an EMT who is really good and puts IV's in little kids all day long (while flying through bumpy roads)...that didn't work so they called an anesthesiologist, she couldn't do it either...they called another anesthesiologist...didn't work! Problem is, he NEEDS this IV because he needs the steroids and antibiotics so the meningitis doesn't turn into the one with bacteria. It took 4-8 of us each time to hold him down...the EMT was certainly suprised by Cole's strength, he thought he was going to get wrestled down by a 4 year old...the nurse reminded him that Cole was only 2! Cole threw up 2 times again, we don't know if it because of meds or what. He isn't his self, he is shaky, his arms are cold but body a good temp...I actually think he is tripping out. Since 6am he has had: morphine, oxycodone, benedryl, Tylenol, pepcid, antibiotics, steroids, valpromate, malox, vigabatrin, keppra and a few others I can't remember. There was 9 nurses in here for a long time trying to help out...Cole's heart rate drops to about 50 when he sleeps which is pretty low. Cole has beaten up his nose, every limb of his body has been poked to death, his chest has scabs all over from him itching the leads because he is allergic to them and we won't even talk about his poor little head! This day has been LLLOOONNNGG!!! For Cole, the nurses and us!!!! They are calling a "sitter" to come watch Cole tonight while we sleep (isn't that nice!) to make sure he doesn't pull any of the tubes out of his head etc. They told us we need to get a good nights sleep so we have energy for tomorrow! On a good note, the CATscan is negative. I will just remind my self of this quote "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it".


  1. Hang in there guys. You are doing an amazing job as parents. You ARE strong and making all of the right decisions for Cole. You WILL get through this successfully. We empathize completely. Please know that we are praying for all of you and are here if you need a friend who truly understands what you are going through. Terri and David and Noah Cupp

  2. Our Prayers are with your little family. I wish I lived closer so I could help out...Keep up the Faith...We love you Guys!!! Cole is such a trooper!!!

  3. praying for Cole and you guys

  4. It seems trite, but I don't know how you do all this and keep going. You guys are so strong! Prayers and thoughts are being sent your way!

  5. Oh I can't tell you how much I sympathize for you guys as I read your posts daily! I cringe, I cry, I just want to reach out and give little Cole a big hug, and then you too! I think this has got to be the hardest part, watching the little boy that you love more than anything feel pain and discomfort! You guys really do keep the end in sight though, and are such an inspiration! We are praying and rooting for Cole- what a little fighter he is! (literally!)

  6. It makes me so happy to see Cole opening his eyes, smiling, and sitting up. I'm so glad Cole has parents like you who know to trust your instincts and stand up to the doctors to be Cole's advocate. Thank you for the update--I'm constantly wondering how things are going for you there.