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Cole had blood work done to make sure of his blood type etc. for the blood transfusion he will need during surgery. Little kids loose quite a bit of blood. Did you know Cleveland Clinic has NEVER had a fatality from pediatric brain surgery! (WE WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!) He said most hospitals that perform these surgeries, have on average 1 in 100 deaths. Dr. Bingaman has done the MOST pediatric brain surgeries in the U.S. We trust him and feel very comfortable with our decision. While we we waiting we ran into Cole's neurologist (Dr. Luchhwani) & can I tell you how much I LOVE him! He took a double take as he was walking down the hall (we weren't scheduled to see him this trip. He rushed right over and was GENUINELY happy to see us. He was glad we got here safely and even apologized a few times that we had to put Cole's surgery on hold and come back again...but he did remind us that "you can measure 3+ plus times & only cut once", which we agree! I've NEVER had a doctor SO genuine. Well actually Cole's pediatrician is pretty amazing as well, but it's hard to find those amazing drs. I am pretty sure if we saw the 3 neurologist that we had back home in the hall, they would walk right past us and not even realize it. But the dr that is 30+ hours away recognized us immediately! He even said he would come check on Cole right after surgery and while he is in-patient and that he would be sending good thoughts and prayers our way. I love it here!

Also, in the waiting room...we met a family with a little boy named Noah who had brain surgery 15 months ago. He is 1 year older then Cole & also has a malformed Left Temporal & Occipital Lobe as well as the same seizure type. He had surgery the SAME EXACT age as Cole will be, how ever they only took out the Left Temporal to try and preserve his occipital. Dr. Bingaman did his surgery as well & it went PERFECT. He was seizure free for 9 months and started seizing again. They are back and Noah will have surgery tomorrow to get his occipital lobe removed. I asked Noah's mom how he was before surgery. She said he was just like Cole..."they were like twins!". The only difference was that Noah had about 25 words before surgery, Cole has none. Right after Noah's surgery he was saying new words. He even knows the alphabet and what each letter sounds like, however something like stringing beads together that other kids his age are doing, he can't do. We both were SO relieved to see this little boy and what Cole could potential be doing in the future. Noah gave us even MORE hope! He is a handsome little boy and reminds me of Cole...nice olive skin and brown hair. He was coloring on a paper, making circles and I kept hearing him say "circle, circle, circle" was the most uplifting thing hearing him and watching him! I am sure we will be getting to know each other more since all of us will be living at the PICU for the week! Please pray for Noah, his surgery is in the morning.


  1. Love love love you guys! I've got a gooooooood feeling about thus trip! Your doc sounds like an angel

  2. Oh you are making me nostalgic for the Cleveland Clinic! I am so glad you are having just as wonderful an experience as we did, and I am praying for the best for you all tomorrow.