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We FINALLY have the date scheduled for Cole's surgery!  We will fly out June 16th, he will be admitted for an overnight EEG the 17th.  On the 20th Cole will have a PETscan, more genetic testing (hopefully they will be able to find the mutated gene so that we will have an idea of what we are dealing with our kids in the future children). He will get sedated for an invasive opthomology check-up (because they will be removing the Left side of his occipital lobe, which is where your vision function is).  The 21st we will meet with the surgical team, surgeon & neurologist. The 22nd Cole will have surgery...his Left Temporal & Occipital Lobes will be removed.

We were originally shooting for May, which we could have had the surgery done on May 25th, but the surgeon is going on vacation the next day...and he doesn't want to leave Cole in case something happens and he needs to do another surgery on him.  So, June it is!  We are SO grateful to each of you...for your love and support, for thinking of us, praying for us & crying with us.  The love we have felt from family, friends and strangers has been so overwhelming and heartfelt!  THANK YOU for everything...the emails, texts & phone calls...though we haven't been able to respond to each of you, they have not gone un-noticed.  We truly have felt everyone of your prayers...Thank you for having faith in the Lord, our family and in miracles. We LOVE YOU!!!
xoxo, Cole's Parents



Well, life has thrown us quite a few Up's & Down' goes another down.  Cole's daddy's job is being dissolved.  The Project Manager position is being eliminated and having the Estimator's take on the Project Manager position.  I told my self that I am not going to cry, I am not going to freak out...I am going to "TRY" and keep my cool....because, I know the Lord has a plan for our family.  I know he will bless us...I don't know how, I don't know when...but I know he WILL.  Worst things have happened to our family then loss of a job, so we will do what we do best and "FIGHT IT HEAD ON".  I am determined to make this a GREAT YEAR!!!

UPDATE 4.28.11
false alarm (not a funny one either)...I guess they want to keep him so the company can grow & if they got rid of them they wouldn't be able for now, we are safe. Thanks for your prayers, that is probably why he gets to keep his job!  Oh my heart can't handle any more!


Thank You (Bake Sale).

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who donated their time, their money, their resources & helping at the Bake Sale!! We feel so blessed to have everyone pull together and make this a VERY special event for Cole & our family! It was truly a blessing to see ALL of the helping & loving hands, it was absolutely perfect in every way! I love ALL of you and pray you will be blessed for helping our family.
Cole's Family (p.s. Pictures coming soon!)



Well, I think I can say "I hold it together" pretty well on a daily basis.  With that said, I have break down weeks.   Last week was a "break down" week, Yesterday was too.  All I could do was lay there are cry.  "A" asked me what was wrong and if we could talk about it.  I didn't even know what to say...then a song came on Pandora (the one playing on my blog right now).  It pretty much summed up how I was feeling.  "I don't quite know, how to say, how I feel", "I've said too much, but not enough..."

Thanks to those of you who listend to me and let me cry on their shoulder last week.  I think sometimes I just get overwhelmed with everything! The emotional stress of fighting for our child's life, working full-time, doing research and finding the best drs, hospitals & proceedures. Coordinating babysitters, drs apt, physical therapy, occupational therapy & Speech therapy.  Paying bills, keeping up on heath insurance to make sure the medical bills are being submitted & finding out why bills are getting denied by insurance.  Getting blood work & labs back. Remembering what medication we are decressing, starting, or upping.  Trying to get a hold of the drs...etc.   Sometimes life gets the best.  But, I find that everytime I feel like I've hit my wall and I seriously CAN NOT TAKE one more thing...(just like in my last post)...the Lord sends me Angels that lift me up.  Yesterday was the same day that the Elders Corm stopped by and asked what they could do to help us.  (another reason why I LOVE our church! ).  We have amazing members!  We also had a bunch of the ladies in the ward offer to bring  baked goods & help set up etc. for the Bake Sale.  Someone even offered to bake 10 dozen cookies!  Thanks to all who are making this "Burden" lighter on our family. 



My babysitter's (who are awesome and even babysit on their birthday) had a lady contact them who they don't know & wanted to put a Fundraiser Bake Sale on for Cole! I was amazed at this wonderful women's heart & service to our family! Often, when I feel like I just can't do anymore or I feel like too much is on my plate and I just want to run away (like this week) someone does something nice for our family or sends us a nice email cheering us on. I know it is the Lord feeling my pain and sending me "angels" on the earth to give me a little push to have hope and hold on to dear life! My heart is full from so many generous & loving people! Thank you to those of you who have "cheered" me on this week and for being my angel! xoxo.



We got a call from the genetisis in Cleveland. She said the test they ran came back negative. However, Cole does have some sort of genetic they have to be "smart enough to find the mutated gene", is what she said. Obviously it's super hard to find...but we are praying they can find it so that we will know what the future holds if we decide to have more kids. They are running more genetic tests now & will meet with us when we go back to Cleveland for his surgery. Please pray that the genetisis will run the tests that will be beneficial to our family & that they will find the mutated gene/genes.