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This last week a couple things happend that I thought I would jot down.

It started out with a very Special Family who has held our hand the last few days. We "officially" met their family on Tuesday. What an amazing family they are! They have a 5 year old daughter who has had MANY types of seizures since she was 2 years old. She has been on the Ketogenic Diet and ALL seizure meds including ACTH. They have seen/been through it all...however she's been seizure free for 13 WEEKS!!!

They were so gracious to us, on Tuesday we spent 3 hours at their house to help us figure out what to do with Cole. The next day, T. came over to our house for about 3 more hours & helped us "tweek" Cole's diet (even brought keto supplies- which are NOT cheap!). Then, they offered to watch Cole for us on Friday (we've never let ANYONE watch him since his seizures started-exept Grandma). She reassured us that she knows what to do with seizures, the ketogenic diet & ketokid's diapers ;) We decided to take them up on the offer and went out to dinner w/ friends. It was nice not having a screaming child (Cole dosn't do well with resturant settings & FREAKS OUT!). They have a very busy life w/6 children...and I am just amazed that someone would do ALL of that for our family! We've been praying for a long time for help (I've even thought, "I just need someone to hold my hand & walk me through this"). I can tell you that Prayer WORKS!! Heavenly Father LITERALLY sent this "Angel" to us to "hold our hands".

My other 2 things I wanted to jot down was on Friday we ran to get groceries. As we were grabbing the usually 4 cartons of whipping cream, the guy who worked in that area asked us if we were making Ice Cream. We told him it was for our son's medical diet. He grabed a couple of them and marked them to .50 cents, instead of the usual$2.75- I don't know if he was supposed to do that, but we were greatful for him in helping us out. That same shopping trip, we got Cole's WIC items. We try to do them all at once, but it ends up being 5 transactions. The guy behind us only had a Turkey, I told him he could go in frount of us. He said "it was ok", I reassured him it would take a long time because of all the transactions. He said, "thank you, but he was ok". I think he did that because he didn't care if it was a long wait, but knew the people behind him would be frustrated.

I am greatful for the people who have given of their time, efforts, generosity and love to our family. I hope to be able to pass that same love and service to others this NEW YEAR!

Here's to 2011!!!


  1. Oh Sarah that is so awesome to be able to have someone who really knows what you are going through. Heavenly Father for sure is watching out for your family. It sounds like 2011 is starting out right for your family! We'll keep Cole in our prayers.

  2. Sarah, I'm so happy to hear that you have found a loving family to help "guide" you during this difficult time. It's so nice when others go out of their way to help you & what a blessing they are/have done for you! The Lord does hear each & everyone of our prayers! Keep having faith & doing what your doing! You are an amazing mommy to that special little man! Love ya! ~Robin

  3. can i just say that i love you sarah! you are amazing.