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I don't take Cole to nursury very often (Daddy and I usually trade off going to church because Cole NEEDS to take his naps or he will have more seizures) but this Sunday he woke up late and he was able to make it to Nursurey. One of the little girls (who is 1/2 the size of Cole) saw Cole's sippy cup and tried to give it to him...instead of taking the cup Cole put his arms up to her so she could "pick him up". Later, Cole walked up to the table where the little girl was playing with legos and he saw a YELLOW and RED lego sitting on the table. He studied them for a sec and picked one up. Then he held it and studied it and picked the other one up. I know a lot of parents wouldn't really care that their kid picked up a lego...but I was pretty excited! The fact that he showed interest in something was awesome to see. He also picked up a train a few times. Another little boy handed Cole a car and Cole took it from him! (he usually pushes everything away). It's funny because Cole is huskier and bigger then most of the kids in the nursery, but all of the kids treat him like he's a baby (which develomentally he is) but, it's almost like the other kids know Cole dosn't know what they know.
If anyone wants to have play dates...let me know...we need other kiddos around and I am sure not having any anytime soon!



It's been ONE-Year since my little "Mole" started having seizures. I didn't think he would still have them...I know...kinda a nieve thing to think...but I was nieve to seizures. Now, I know a lot about seizures. It's definatly changed our lives, though I still wouldn't trade it for anything...even through the tears, force feeding and tantrums. I still feel like I'm dreaming. and still, the HARDEST thing about everything that has happened is Cole's developement. It's sad not see him doing things he should be doing...but, the little things that I think I would have taken for granted...I get so gitty over and I feel like I won a million dollars. Just like 5 days ago...Cole climed up his 2 step stair that daddy built for him and got on the couch ALL BY HIM SELF (even though I was running toward him in sheer panic thinking he was going to fall like usual. That same day he also got OFF the couch all by him self...with me running toward him in sheer panic once again.

I think what I've learned this past year has been compassion (especially toward parents w/ children w/special needs...because it is NOT easy, I really had no idea what those parents go through...and I sure never thought I would have found out). I've also learned to be more patient, and I think I *LOVE* this child even ways I didn't know I could. I've got a Beautiful little boy and it's all that matters! that not the funniest/cutest face EVER!



A few weeks ago Cole was at my work. He loves to dance on the Quiksilver mat in the frount of the store. Cole looked down...watched a Grasshopper hop 2 times, slowly bent down, picked the Grasshopper up, squish it a few times and tried to put it in his mouth. Luckily Adam was right there and he smacked it out of his hand. Even that would have screwed with his diet...had he eaten it! Kinda funny that Cole picked up a Grasshopper so easy, but can't pick food up that well...and that was even with his *RIGHT* hand!!! (although, he is getting better with his left...not so much the right)